Tesla A/C Drain Line Extension Kit (HVBattery Saver) 2012-2015 Model S

Tesla A/C Drain Line Extension Kit (HVBattery Saver) 2012-2015 Model S

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Included is a a/c drain line kit rated for under hood use.  Unlike Tesla's factory kit, this one drains the water directly onto the ground and away from the battery.  Most customers with less than VIN# 70000 will need this kit unless the manufacturer has done it during a battery replacement.  

One of the main causes of battery failure is moisture ingress and corrosion around the penthouse and side-vents on the 2012-2015 model S.  Even if your battery has been replaced under warranty or outside of warranty, many vehicles have not had any modifications to the A/C drain line dumping straight on the penthouse cover.  Over time this water can rust the bolts and seep moisture into the penthouse cover area under the hood.  This is probably the least expensive upgrade you can do for your vehicle.  We also have a model 3 kit in development. 


This kit includes -

Drain line rated for under hood use; 90 degree adapter to factory hose and an elbow to drain forward of the passenger side control arm and onto the ground.  All hoes is pre-cut and ready to go for assembly.  Install manual included.