ATMEGA328P-ANR (REEL 2000 PCS) 105c Automotive Extended

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For sale is a reel of 2000 pcs unopened (ATMEGA328P-ANR) 105C Automotive/Extended rating.  This product is not available again for shipment through microchip until 7/2023.  We are only accepting wire transfer as a means for payment on this reel.  Please contact us at to purchase.

We are only selling the complete unopened reel and not individual parts.  Located in the USA so no customs/import fees if purchaser is US customer.

$16.00/ea ($32k for 20000 pcs).  

This is the lowest price for a reel of these parts in the spot marketplace.  Win-source electronics has a single reel left right now for $44,000. ($22/ea) per part.